April 15, 2020

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It’s National Disaster Day

Well, no, not really, but it sure feels that way.  On April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon was bombed.  And just last year, on April 15, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris burned.  Now, this year, on April 15, we’re confined to our homes, ordered (at least here in RI) to wear masks when we go out, passively and effectively fighting a health disaster.  Oh, and in a normal year, this is Tax Day – which for some, is kinda like a disaster, too.

In the Daily Devotional, Pastor John Edgerton (who there when the bombs went off at the Marathon) points out that one of our first reactions is always, “oh things will never be the same!” as if it’s all be spoiled permanently.  And as if the only one right way for things to be is the way they were.  But change happens anyway.  Even outside the experience of disasters, change happens.

I once belonged to a church up in Newton MA (while I worked at Andover Newton)… and heard the story as to why they’d only recently begun to allow women to serve as Deacons.  

They couldn’t have women as Deacons because Deacons wore tail coats when they served Communion.  And women couldn’t wear tail coats – and they’d look too inappropriate if they wore cocktail dresses or ball gowns.  So – no women.  

Until one day, there were women, and to the men’s joy, there were no more tail coats.  Change happens.  And the loss of the elegant dress meant that more people were welcome, more people were happier about being Deacons.  Tho, to be honest, I’m sure there were some who thought the loss of tail coats was a disaster.

Will our lives go back to the same as before?  I doubt it.  Will they be better?  Worse?  Who knows . . but we can be sure there will be, as there was, and as there is – there will be good, and bad, and in the midst of it all, there will be God.  

Even now, alone in our homes, isolated from friends and support, we are not isolated from God.  Disasters are still disasters, but there is life afterwards.  We need not fear the loss of all that is important to us in the days and month to come.

Easter blessings, Pastor Virginia

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  • from Oonagh Brault:  Please add my friend Lindsay to the prayer list.  She has just been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • from Elaine Johnson:  (Elaine reports Janice is better, but still needs our prayers) Please add my sister Janice to the prayer list. She fell and has a small brain bleed and concussion and severed her ear which needed to be stitched back into place. She is home recovering. (4/9)
  • Prayers for all who work in the medical field as they deal with this crisis. (4/7)
  • from Nancy MacNeill, prayers for her cousin Pam Bergeron
  • from Lydia Sherman:  Please add Carrie Andrews to the prayer list. She’s the cousin to my nephew Christopher’s wife… She currently is on life-support and is only in her 30’s.