April 7, 2020 Tuesday of Holy Week


April 7, 2020 – Tuesday of Holy Week

Mark 11: 27-28   Again [Jesus and the disciples] came to Jerusalem. As [Jesus] was walking in the temple, the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders came to him and said, “By what authority are you doing these things? Who gave you this authority to do them?”

The traditional story of Holy Week recounts how Jesus spent each day.  On Tuesday, it’s said he went to the temple where the established leaders challenged him,  asking “who are you to be saying these things about God?  Who are you to be saying we’re doing life wrong?”  Over the centuries, we’ve put aside the reading which said that the “wrong” was that they were Jews.  They were ALL Jews.  The “wrong” was that they’d fallen into the easy path, the routine path, the path that says doing it the right way is more important than anything else.

Does this happen today?  You bet.  Today is election day in Wisconsin.  But they have the coronavirus just like everyone else so, for instance, in the city of Waukesha, with 72,000 people, there is only one polling place open.  Milwaukee has only five polling places open.  The state government said it was more important to stick to the schedule than to have everyone participate in the election. 

Closer to home, I see people still having the little celebrations of life – birthday parties, Easter dinners and so on.  It’s more important, they say, to do what we’ve always done than it is to keep everyone safe.  

In these dangerous days, I urge us all to keep our eyes on what’s most important.  The most Christian, the most loving, the most patriotic thing we can do these days is to stay home, wash our hands, phone our friends.  This is a war won by sitting on the couch, so let’s sit right down and win.

A German pastor wrote, yesterday:  “God does not spare us from the ‘dark valley,’ the valley of death, but God is with us in our fears of natural catastrophes caused by viruses. .”  (Jurgen Moltmann)  God is with us.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Always.

Blessings, Pastor Virginia

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Ron and Mary Westgate ask that we pray for Michael Layman, who has the COVID-19 virus.  He is the brother of their daughter-in-law.

Steve Chanona’s daughter Annie, who is in Florida,  has the COVID-19 virus.  Keep her and Steve in your prayers.

Elaine Johnson writes:  4/5 is my oldest grandson Cameron’s 14th birthday and on April 16th, his younger brother and my youngest grandson Ryan will celebrate his 12th birthday. Though my heart is so sad that I cannot be with them as they celebrate their birthdays, I am so blessed that they and the rest of our family is healthy and safe. . . .  I’m grateful for FaceTime during these difficult days we are in. At least we can see the smiling faces of our dear grandchildren. ❤️

from Lydia Sherman:  Please add Carrie Andrews to the prayer list. She’s the cousin to my Nephew Christopher’s wife… She currently is on life-support and is only in her 30’s.

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