April 6, 2020, Monday of Holy Week


The Queen of England spoke on Sunday, saying:  “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.”

In the Bible, the story tells us that on this day, Jesus visited the Temple, where he found people focused on what did good for them, rather than what did good for God.  In that day, it was all about folks selling stuff in the Temple, rather than respecting the place as a gathering to worship God.

Today, the equivalent would be those people who are taking this terrible time and using it to sell hate and anger.  The pastor who said something like:   “The COVID-19 is God’s punishment on us for turning away from God, for being wicked” was trying to use our love of God to preach his gospel of hate.  Jesus drove those people from the Temple; he still has something to say to people who use the Gospel to spread hate and fear.  

The days of this week are something like a little Lent, as we travel with Jesus from the temporary success of triumphal entry in a steady path to arrest, and torture, and death.  Are there things you (and I) do which pull us from worthwhile living into wrong paths?  Are there things we should be doing to make our world better?  Can we, in this week, name our sins, of omission, sins of commission?  Can we struggle with how we are captive to them?  Can we move towards the Easter Day of dedication to a better life?  Not to fix everything, not to be fully right, immediately on that day, but to be aware and ready to try again?

Many thanks to those of you who have sent your pledge into the church.  Our expenses continue, so we really appreciate your efforts to help us pay our bills.  Checks may be mailed to the church at 5 Gibbs Avenue, Wareham MA  02571.


There will be a meeting of the Church Council, via Zoom, on Wednesday evening at 7pm.

There will be a Zoom memorial service for Donald Hall at 2pm on Thursday.  I will send out an invitation on Thursday morning.  

Prayer List:

Ron and Mary Westgate ask that we pray for Michael Layman, who has the COVID-19 virus.  He is the brother of their daughter-in-law.

Steve Chanona’s daughter Annie, who is in Florida,  has the COVID-19 virus.  Keep her and Steve in your prayers.

Elaine Johnson writes:  I have a celebration I want to share. Feel free to add it to your email if you like. Something happy!! Today is my oldest grandson Cameron’s 14th birthday and on April 16th, his younger brother and my youngest grandson Ryan will celebrate his 12th birthday. Though my heart is so sad that I cannot be with them as they celebrate their birthdays, I am so blessed that they and the rest of our family is healthy and safe. We will be singing Happy Birthday to Cameron via FaceTime later on today as he blows out his candles and I imagine we will do the same for Ryan on his birthday. I’m grateful for FaceTime during these difficult days we are in. At least we can see the smiling faces of our dear grandchildren. ❤️

If you have a prayer concern feel free to send it in to be included in this daily email. 


Pastor Virginia