March 30, 2020

What’s going on in  your life today?  Emotionally, that is.  Are you feeling strong and confident?  Or are you, maybe, fearful, worried, not sure what tomorrow will bring?  Or does it change from moment to moment?  And how’s your supply of energy doing?  Mine goes up and down almost unpredictably.

It’s understandable.  We usually say “we don’t know what tomorrow will bring” with a sense of a theoretical statement.  Sure, we say it, but we really do know what tomorrow will bring… until we don’t, not anymore.  And, right now, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to drive to Massachusetts tomorrow <smile> because the Rhode Island governor is so focused on flattening the curve here in Rhode Island.  

Life these days is more like standing on a balance ball, or standing up in a small boat, or maybe balancing on a trampoline than I, for one, like.  But I’m getting used to it.  And I hope you are too.  Not used to it in the sense that we want it to go on forever, but at least to the level that we have created routines that work in this new world, routines that help us know what’s steady in our world, even as we work on adapting to that which changes from day to day.  Something will not change:  God still loves us, we are still community, loving and caring for one another.  

News from our Church Community:  Norma McWilliams reports that Glenn’s been at Tobey being treated for dehydration, but she expects him to come home today.

As always, Donald Hall remains in our prayers.  He’s at Nemasket Healthcare Center, 314 Marion Road, Middleboro MA  02346 and his cell phone number is 508-930-0051.  His kidneys are failing and he is on hospice care.  In this holy time, he welcomes your cards.

The Palm Project is off, at least as it was imagined:  this is one of the places where the daily changes in our world are affecting our decisions.  What seemed pretty safe and reasonable last week, doesn’t seem so much so this week.  I know you were all looking forward to getting out, getting to church, and getting a palm, but it just no longer feels prudent.  So, NO live palms will be distributed this weekend.  However, stay tuned…. there will be palm, in your hands.  Just wait and see!

Usually, I close with a prayer or a spiritual song, but today, it’s cats.  This is what we can do while we are home:

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