March 19, 2020

I hesitate to say things are settling into a new normal, but in some ways that’s what’s happening.  What seemed unthinkable two weeks ago – no church services!! – now seems almost reasonable.  I sit in my house and think about where to go for groceries where I will see the fewest people… just not even on my radar last week.  

Nancy MacNeill and I met yesterday and agreed that we’re now understanding that worship is suspended “for the time being”.  We no longer expect to meet together for Palm Sunday or Easter and it looks to me as though it might well be May before we begin to see us back together.   Our Thrift Shop is closed, the Wednesday Breakfasts have stopped and even Laughing Yoga is taking time off.  The office is still open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Ann Marie Luciano there to answer questions.

My grandnieces are having school at home at “Casa Child School” because their parents don’t think the girls will be back in school this spring.  They’re lucky – their mom is a college professor and so she knows what she’s doing (and both parents are working from home).  But not everyone is so fortunate.  As we contemplate the difficulties of our own lives right now, let’s not forget those for whom this is nothing more or less than a total unmitigated disaster – no job, no money, no food. nothing.

Nancy and I talked about the frequency of these emails, and now I want to ask you – we’re proposing one of two alternatives:  do you want to continue receiving a daily email, some devotional, some with news like this one;  or would you rather receive an email twice a week, including news.   The daily email will continue through next Monday; any changes will start then.

In addition, would you like to try out a weekly Zoom meeting where we could talk with one another?  Let me know by email to <pastorchild02914@gmail> or text/phone to 774-218-0738.

Finally, Rich Cotton has asked me to tell you all that Donald Hall is at Tobey Hospital in critical condition after a heart attack and with problems with his kidneys.  Rich is asking for our prayers for Donald:  

“Loving God, protect our brother Donald.  Surround him with your love.  Bring him your healing power and peace.  Support those who care for him in this very challenging time.  We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.”

May God bless us in the living of these days.

Pastor Virginia