May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

Who am I to believe?  The pastor in Rhode Island who says that it won’t be safe to meet for worship until there’s a vaccine, and so they’ve closed the building until (at least) May of next year?  Or the pastor who says, we can all sit far enough apart, let’s get together on Sunday?

Yesterday, the paper said don’t touch shopping carts unless I wear gloves.  My best friend says that when she comes in from shopping, she stops in the laundry room, takes off all her clothes, throws them in the washer and goes to take a shower, all before putting the groceries away – and then she wipes everything down with an antiseptic wipe before putting it away.  But then I read that it’s really unlikely that I’ll catch Covid-19 from touching a hard surface, that the thing to do is to wear a mask and wash my hands frequently.  If it’s safe to get a haircut there, why isn’t it safe here?

Who do I believe?  Whose advice do I follow?  Is it safe to have lunch with m brother?  Can he visit his grandchildren?  Can the kids go out to play with their friends?

Who do I believe, when the world seems to turn upside down every other day?  Well, in practical answer, I give the most weight to the advice that comes closest to home.  I’m much more affected by the prevalence of this disease in my own town, and the rules that are right here, might not be necessary there.  And I note the date on any advice, because every day the medical folks know more and more about what we’re dealing with.

And in a spiritual way?  Well, this Covid-19 has made plain something we preferred to not see – that our control over our world is largely an illusion.  We are well, until we are not, but we didn’t plan for, didn’t expect that.  Our children are all expected, mostly, but we all know times when they are not.  Jobs, marriages, houses, hopes and dreams.  We can plan, we can expect, and then the world turns upside down.  What endures is God.  What we can count on is the love of Jesus Christ.  What we can do is love our neighbor.

(and pay good attention to the health folks in our areas who are doing their best to keep us all safe)

Easter blessings, Pastor Virginia

Author: tobelieveistocare

I am an interim pastor in the United Church of Christ, having served as a settled pastor for over thirty years. I play classical mandolin and share my home with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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